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DO EXO Member 233
Baby kyungaoo

My Love ❤️
100 and d.o will come back 💜✌️
Fightinggg 💪 💪
that pout! I just can't resist it! bogoshipeo!
love love
My baby
keep supporting guys!
Details 👉@EVSS1485 Twitter Account. Thanks. #weareoneEXO
I really like singer and actor namely Duh Kyungsoo because of his qualities that are different from everyone else especially and I still want to get to know him better.
🐧 💕
Bogosipeo. ❤️
My Pugo 😍😍
I miss you so much 🐧💜
Hello..? What am I doing? Confused af
His to talented and good
He's one of a kind
We are one Exo-l 💙EXO
Please support our penguin 😊
괜찮아도 괜찮아 🎶🎶
Fighting! Let's do our best 💪
We will never get tired of waiting for your comeback mr. Do 💕💕💕
Patiently Waiting for #DO Kyungsoo
#wearekneEXO #EXO #디오
#DO 🔥❤️