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Minzy Member 18
Can anyone NOT miss 2NE1 in their uniform looks..
Missing seeing these 4 mics together on stage
cutie minzy 😊
Lovely Minzy 💜
baby mingkki
Hard worker hajaha
Work hard
Fir Minzy's talent
Can't nobody holf us down?
Working hands
We could have it all
But doesn't matter as long as she's happy
She could have been big by now
Imagine of they only give her a chance?
Could u imagine?
My Minji
Who's also here
Know your facts lil kids
She'll be doing it
Maybe we can get together for a reunion
Minzy Minzy TV
Me niether
I need a colab
Younger gen be like we are the kpoop pioneer to be known in this fuckin world
I'll be working hard for you
My heart 💔
I need 5 post
Im working hard on this
Why do you need to be more 예뽀다
I'm your kbizz kkk
Where can you see this photo? Answer for 1$ kkkk I'm not kidding!?
I'm trying to make something for you
Let there be light