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Junkyu TREASURE Member 226
cant get enough of his smile
my babie koalakyu
my koala kyuuu
Final ILY stage..
My JiKyu My Kyu..
Shy (scaring) Koala
All about his hidden dimple...
If you know what happen here.... (avoid Dobby)
So Cute..
Who is the WINNER... KyuDam
When Jun Kyu flip those hair... #fainted #Junkyu
Never far...
What is the title of this drama.. JeongWoo want Yedam to choose him but Yedam choose Jun Kyu...
Happy Chuseok Day😃
So rare to see Kim Jun Kyu in short pant
#throwback.. how cute is MashiKyu
adorable kyuuu
my gamer koalakyuu
Teumes....lets continue streaming..
JiHoon and Asahi delivered LOVE to Teumes
Who is the real flower here.. the red Tulip or Kim Jun Kyu
DoKyu host 1st Step and 2nd Step BTS T.M.I
I cant get enough of them... lovely interaction between them..
Lets me be upfront of who my bias in Treasure.. JiKyu is my ultimate bias and MashiKyu, HaruKyu, is my wrecker bias.. I just love the friendship display between JiKyu they teasing one another warms my heart.. worse when Ji Hoon publicly said Jun Kyu is soulmate...
This pix said alot about DoKyu.. Together from young..DEF dance skool to part of YG Silver Boys to YG Team A to compete in YGTB to current member of Treasure to current Roommate.. They grow up together....
Mission accomplished - JiKyu..
When Jun Kyu pout.. #fainted
JiKyu partnership @ Soulmate
#throwback, Kim Jun Kyu birthday poster...
Jun Kyu look like a baby in baby pink cardigan
DoKyu..the childhood friendship from DEF dance skool to roommate to Treasure member...
Happy Birthday to Uri 'Maknae' Hyung #JUNKYU #OurTreasureJunkyuDay
Happy birthday junkyu
Tomorrow is your day, allow me to appreciate your visual #throwbackYGTB #JUNKYU
At one glance, I thot he wear the same clothing..but I was wrong. 1st pix is from ED vol 1 or the very 1st episode of T.M.I while the 2nd pix is pajama pary from LieV...